Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jewelweed SOAP (aka Anti-Poison Ivy SOAP)


  1. It's very earthy! How did the Jewelweed soap? I always love hearing about different herbs, oils and butters that people use in their CP batches. :)

  2. Hi Anne-Marie! I finally discovered a big patch of flowering jewelweed when I was out on a walk so I picked some and ran home. I cleaned it, chopped it, brewed it into a tea...let it cool and then swirled it a few times with my immersion blender. I strained it and put it into ice cube trays and into the freezer overnight. I wanted to keep the jewelweed juice as fresh as possible. The next day I took a few cubes out to defrost, mixed up a batch of soap and added the defrosted jewelweed. I did discount the water a bit so it wasn't too soft, but I wanted to add the jewelweed at a light trace so the lye didn't harm the therapuetic juice of the jewelweed. Hope that helps!