Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer is slipping away.....

Who stole my Summer?  I'd like it is either too hot to do much outside or it is raining.  I want to be outside to enjoy the Summer days before it is too late!!  But instead I've been stuck inside.  Don't get me wrong it has been nice and I've got a bunch done, but we are all a bit stir crazy.

Pictures are easier to describe my last couple of weeks....

 Here is a second batch of Jewelweed Tea brewing on our Frigidaire Custom Imperial Flair gem from the late '60's.

Dried Calendula flowers from our garden.  I'm plucking the bright yellow petals off to infuse in some oil.

And here is the jar of oil that I'll let sit for a bit and I'll shake every time I walk past.

Two different batches of soap...the same but different.  Each is made with exactly the same ingredients and the same recipe, just used different style methods.

All of my shaved 'bits' for my latest batch of Bits & Bobs soap

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