Friday, June 21, 2013

Peppermint Orange Lip Balm

I was running low (aka scrapping the last bit out of the last tube with my pinkie) on Lip Balm and decided to make a batch and thought I'd share my recipe (if you can call it that) with ya'll.

You can really use any combination of oils you'd like but you want to keep your oil to beeswax ratio to 3:1.  I chose Grapeseed Oil.  I know it is excellent for chapped lips and has lots of antioxidants.  Read this to find out more. I also chose to infuse my Grapeseed oil with some dried peppermint and dried orange peel.  I simply put the dried peppermint and dried orange peel in a sterile glass jar and topped with oil.  It sat on my kitchen counter for a few weeks and every AM I gave it a shake.  I'd open it and smell occasionally and when it smelled delicious I strained the dried herbs out and was left with my infused oil.  Here is my really basic recipe:

1 oz beeswax pellets (melted in microwave)
3 oz infused Grapeseed Oil
a few drops of Vitamin E (I thought about using ROE, but thought it might cancel out my infused scent)

That is it....pour the oil into the melted beeswax...return to microwave for a few seconds to re-melt and pour into Lip Balm tubes.  This recipe filled approximately 20 tubes with a bit left over.

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