Saturday, November 10, 2012

A whole lot of finishing touches!!

Sorry I've neglected you blog, but I've been busy.....both kids had ear infections, submitted a knit sample to a yarn company, planned a four year old's birthday party, had a splinter in my finger surgically removed (huh, seriously!)  hosted my parents for a few day and turned 40 myself (blech!)  Oh...and as you can see from this picture heavy post put all of the finishing touches on my soap for the upcoming Indie Knit and Spin.  Please come out to visit me!!  I'll need someone to rescue me so I can have a bathroom break..hahaha!
It is Nov 17th 10am - 4pm Wilkins School Community Center, Regent Square, 7604 Charleston Ave.

 My Dad helped me cut the soap cigar type bands

 Wrapping the soap

 More wrapping the soap

 and a bunting banner I made for my table display 

(btw..that painting in the background is by Dusty Genard...The Dusty who our son is named after which is where I get the name of my soap company.....our two kids - Dustin & Dimitri.  And maybe if I try hard enough I can do the whole 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing, but I won't)


  1. All of those soaps look gorgeous! And what fun you must have had with your dad helping you out. :)

  2. Helloo! I can't believe I didn't pop over here before the show. It's so great to see how everything comes together. You are going to be added to my blog reader right away so I can keep track of all your awesome projects. Hooray!