Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Infused Oils

I recently returned from an impromptu trip to NC to visit my parents.  I was able to cut some herbs from their garden as well as some eucalyptus from a nearby tree.  I decided to make some infused oils for some future soap.  I'd like to keep my soap as natural as possible and plan on not using pigments, dyes or scents for it.  Infused oils will help with color (oh well...most may be green!) and some scent.  Washed and dried and stripped the leaves off of mint, oregano and rosemary.  I left the leaves on the stalks of sage and parsely, but chopped them finely.  I chopped the mint and oregano too, but left the rosemary as is.  I was able to put my Alaskan Ulu knife to some good use.  I put the herbs in clean Mason jars and topped with oil.  I decided to use Soybean since it hardly has a scent.  I've used Olive in the past and it works fine as well.

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