Sunday, February 15, 2015

Let's Sew a Tunic -- Simplicity #2147

Looking forward to  Spring, I thought I'd try something new and sew clothing.  I usually only sew bags and accessories so I have some experience, but nothing when it comes to reading an actual garment pattern.  I thought it would be fun to put together a series of blog posts so if anyone else out there would like to learn, maybe my posts would help.  

I found this cute tunic pattern (it really is...the packaging leaves much to be desired, but I saw some really nice versions on Pinterest) and hopefully it is as easy as the envelope leads me to believe.  I also found some bright and cheery fabric in the bargain section of my local big box store.  It is a step put of my comfort zone color/print fabric, but I think it will work nicely with this pattern.

As you can see on the front of the envelope there are a few different variations included with this pattern and the sizes range from 6-18.  You get all sizes in this one pattern.  I am going to make myself the tunic (C) with short sleeves.  I am tall so I may extend the length of my tunic pieces to work for me.  

So, the front of the envelope lists some new skills that we will learn: pleats, stitch a yoke and apply neck facing are new to me!

If you turn the package over all the necessary details are provided so you know what items you need to purchase.  This really intimated me at first, I stared at it not knowing what I was really looking at until I calmly looked at each section, it started to make a bit more sense.  

If you look at the top box it lists what type of fabric will work nicely with the ease and style of this pattern.  I choose a cotton.   The next box lists all of the notions you will need with each pattern type (A, B, C).  I doing C so I need thread and 1/2" wide single fold bias tape (this is something new to me so I get to learn a new skill).

The next box is body measurements.  I think this is where we fail and don't properly take the time to measure ourselves or just assume and go with our bra size.  Take your time here and grab your measuring tape and do it.  The pattern sizes are different than our clothing sizes.  I usually wear a size 6, but with this pattern I'll be making myself a size 12 tunic.  when I measured I looked up, not down at the measuring tape.  You don't want your body hunched over -- this may distort things.  I used my hands to feel the tape where it ended, then looked down at the number.  As you can see from my written measurements, I fall between a few sizes.  For this pattern I'm not too worried about it, since it is an unfitted baggy tunic.....I'm going with my closest bust measurement which is 34 or pattern size 12.

Follow the chart to purchase enough yards of fabric for your size.  Fabric comes in different widths, but for this pattern it doesn't matter.  Other patterns may separate the 45" and 60" yardage requirements.

When you get your fabric home, you will want to pre-treat it (wash it) so it is all ready for pattern layout and cutting.

That's it for up is opening the envelope to find directions and the actual tissue paper pattern, pattern layout, cutting, etc.  

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