Friday, January 30, 2015

Dried Orange Peels

My brother sent us a large box of Honeybell Oranges for a belated Christmas present.  The kids loved the oranges and ate quiet a few simply peeled.  I was throwing away all the peels initially, but after about the third orange, I thought there has to be some good to these peels.  I decided to save all the future peels and put them in the freezer until all the oranges were gone. I ended up having a filled bag of frozen peels.  

I turned to the internet to research these after a few minutes I learned that Dried Orange Peel is wonderful at many things like:

  • as an additive to food - sprinkle it on your oatmeal, onto sandwiches or add to cookies - apparently the good bacteria in your intestines love it!  They grow and thrive.  I also learned the opposite is true when you eat sugar...this helps the bad bacteria grow and thrive.  
  • Dried Orange Peels also make a good tea - sprinkle a tablespoon into boiling water, let steep and strain.  I assume it works in a similar manner.   
  •  Then there are the uses as skin benefits....helps with acne if you mix with yogurt to make a mask, many people use it to help with mature skin and as a skin brightener.  
  • And the one use that peeked my interest is to use Dried Orange Peel in soap as an exfoliant.  Which is what I plan to do  

So here is what I did with my this space to see the SOAP I make!

I laid my frozen peels on the counter to thaw

Then put them into a warm oven (200 degree) for a few hours.  You will need to check them somewhat don't want them to burn and some will dry sooner than others.

I let them cool overnight.  Then ground them with my spice grinder. 

After grinding all of the peels, I spread the powder out onto a cookie sheet to sit overnight before I placed in a sterile glass jar.  I did this to ensure everything was dry to prevent mold.  There you have it!  Dried Orange Peels to do with what you may......ENJOY the health benefit from something you typically throw away!

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