Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh me oh my we have a winner or shall I say WINNERS!!!

Thank you everyone who decided to enter my contest.  I had a huge response!! (really, I did...I know I only had two comments, but most people must be shy and decided to email me..hahahaha)  I'm blown away by your kind comments and great suggestions for a soap name.

The winner has already received her package of SOAP from me...(did you really think it was going to be anything different?)  I hope you enjoy!!  I was able to hand deliver since we spent last weekend in North Carolina visiting family....so Robin, enjoy the soaps.

Also, I had a pretty big list of soap name suggestions to filter through, but after much thinking I've decided on.....drum roll......OCEAN LAVA.  So yes, David you win too!!  It was interesting to read everyone's suggestions and I had a lot of fun!  Thank you again!



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