Sunday, July 1, 2012

What the rebatch!!

Seriously...had to rebatch the banana soap.  Huh, what's clue, but had to do it and had to figure it out or toss it.  Poor Banana Soap, I had such high hopes for you...I had dreams of using you in the shower and you making my skin all silky clean and fresh...oh, wait....I can still do that...yep!!! REBATCH!!!

Yeah, love that you can take a total loser disaster and turn it into something wonderful and bananay.  (yes, bananay...I'm still on the banana kick from my last post...these freaking things are awesome gifts perfectly wrapped a la Mother Nature style)

I'm not sure what really went wrong...who really knows.  I checked my recipe and don't remember forgetting anything and know I used my scale correctly.  It is pretty much idiot proof.  I think it is the mold I used.  I thought I would give something else a try and use a Pringle container so I could have circular (not unless you think round is funny..hahaha) shaped soap.  Well, that and the fact that I left the hot, gelling raw soap mixture in a garage in 95 degree temps could possibly be the reason for my soap disaster.  Once I unmolded the mess I pretty much knew...oh, yuck!  The Pringle container looks like it melted......

...ick!  Double ick!!  I didn't take a picture of the soap mess...(who really wants to take a picture of their disaster?)  It wasn't pretty....sorts looked like soap, but kind of a stringy like texture with pockets of oil.  I chopped it roughly with a knife and plopped it into a bowl and heated it on the stove and stirred and stirred and stirred until all of the lumps were out and it was smooth.  It looked like fudge and made me hungry.

Then I put it into a different mold and placed it in the basement (as I normally do with all of my other soaps...why didn't I do that originally??)  I'm now dreaming of using the Banana Soap in the shower again and it making my skin all silky smooth.  I think I was able to save a soap disaster and turn it into a banana goodness.  Again, we shall see in 24-36 hours, but I have high hopes for this one...I always do!

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